The Gold Family Kids

Monday, April 28, 2008

More Magic Kingdom

April 13, 2008
Part 2

Again, more pics late from Grandma, but they are now posted.

Marin hugging "PUSH"

Papa and the girls on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, it will always be the WEDWay People Mover to me.

Marin and Stitch

Fara, Marin and Riley

Grandma and the girls

Marin trying on her hats

More from Florida trip

April 11, 2008
Part 2

Here are pics from the day, out of order, that we just got from Grandma.
More out of order pics to follow

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Matzoh Bagels

April 22, 2008

For the Mets vs Nats game, which the Mets won, we made Matzoh bagels to take with us.
A long standing Gold family tradition

At the Mets vs Nats game
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Top Chef Sedar - Second Night

April 20, 2008

We hosted second night sedar, and instead of doing a crazy sedar as Fara has been know to do in the past, including color war sedar (Darth Sedars) and Sedaranium, we went high and and created a non-traditional sedar menu. Here is what we served.

The Passover pasta factory ready to be cooked

The private kid's table

The adult's table

Tri-colored gefilte fish

Artichokes with two sauces

Fanned eggplants with Kumquats

Passover pasta with sauteed vegetables

Tzimmis Suffle

Stuffed Veal Roast and Pistachio Chicken
Fresh Pineapple/Coconut dessert
Melon Glacie
Sammy giving Riley a kiss before he left
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