The Gold Family Kids

Monday, January 28, 2008

Riley and marin Playing with a Balloon

January 28, 2008

Riley and Marin are starting to play with each other.
Here is some fun from tonight when they played together with a balloon.
They could not stop laughing.

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Riley In Shoes

January 27, 2008

Yesterday, Riley got her first pair of shoes.
Don't ever go to Shoe Train when they are having a sidewalk sale.
It is a very scary place to be.

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Riley's First Steps on Film

January 25, 2008

Today we were able to record Riley walking.
Just a few days later, and she is already better than you see here.

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Marin and Riley at ExtremeAcro

January 13, 2008
Marin and Riley are playing at Ethan's Birthday Party

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breaking News.....

Dateline: January 11, 2008

We forgot to publish earlier, but on this day, at Temple Beth Ami, after tot Shabbat services, Riley took her first steps. Pictures to follow when we get actual walking on camera.

Now back to your show, already in progress.

Port Discovery in Baltimore

January 20, 2008
Today we went to Port Discovery in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It is the closest children's musuem to us, since the National Children's Museum is under construction since 2003, and will not open until at least 2010.
It was brutally cold outside, the temperature was 29, not sure how cold with the wind chill.

Marin painting Mayan Ruins at the museum

Riding a horse at the stable

Grandma wrote a poem on the magnet wall:
I love each girl, the little baby and her sister are special

Giant chess board,
reminded daddy of History of the World and Count DeMonet

Riley in a ball bin

Riley climbing the rope bridge that was her size

In the waterworks section, Marin cleaned windows among other things

The Diner - by far Grandma's favorite section.
Marin served everyone meals, and I mean everyone

Riley as Little John

Marin running a Tofu stand in the japan section

Marin and Riley playing the piano together

After a hard day's work, everyone has to help clean up.
One of the lessons we learned about Japanese schools.

Drum circle time

Marin filling the car up before we left the museum
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Duck Pin Bowling and Sears

January 19, 2008
Grandma, Papa and Uncle Lander were here and we went Duck Pin Bowling. The wait was veeeeeery long, so we passed some time at the Sears next door. Marin really put in a work out and then both girls tried out tractors for Uncle Tayler.

The Gold Girls

Papa and Riley

The Girls with Uncle Lander

Riley with a cupcake hat

Marin starts her "workout."

The ever popular infomercial - the Ab Lounger

Papa and Marin grabbing a drink.

Duck Pin Bowling - the balls are the size of softballs and the pins are small.

Even Grandma bowled a game

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